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As an Intuitive Healer, a Certified Energetic Practitioner, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I use empathy, caring and an open hearted non-judgmental approach to create a nurturing and safe space for healing.

Psychotherapy is a powerful verbal process which enables us to develop insight into our behaviors, and awareness of unconscious thoughts and feelings.

Intuitive Energy Healing enhances this work by expanding the depth of exploration to reach the body level where our life experiences and traumas are stored. I help my clients identify and release heavy memories, thereby lightening the weight of their unseen burdens. It is through this integrated approach that I work with my clients building a bridge between the mind and body. In this way we achieve clearer self-understanding, deeper personal connections, stronger feelings of being alive, and successfully navigate life's challenges.

By honoring and trusting in the wisdom of the body, I weave together my extensive therapeutic skills, my energy healing expertise , and my intuitive gifts. I integrate these modalities in my Therapy Healing Practice offering my clients the opportunity for deep repair, transformation and greater joy.

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