Integration of Body and Mind: Common Questions

What is an Integrated Practice of Psychotherapy and Intuitive Energy Healing?

The Intuitive Energy Healing approach to therapy recognizes that through out our lives, our bodies store memories and traumas in the form of blocks. These blocks or 'stuck' energy impact both our physical and emotional health. Negative energy stored for long periods of time manifest as symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and illness. They also arise as struggles in relationships, in the work place, and in creative expression. Hidden beneath layers of energy blocks are unconscious beliefs formed from earlier life experiences which limit our capacity to make real or healthy choices.

Together the healer and client identify where the blocks are held, discern the underlying beliefs, and find the pathways for release. During this process the client may experience significant and unexpected changes which create openings for growth and healing. The client and healer reflect upon the process and content of the session, building connections between body and mind.

What can I expect in a typical session?

A typical session begins with traditional talk therapy focusing on those concerns which led the client to seek treatment. In order to deepen the work, we move to an energetic exploration of the body enabling client and healer to identify and clear blocks which are obstacles to healing. The body work may incorporate components of breath work, vocalization, visualization, guided imagery, movement, and hands on or hands over energetic healing. The healing moves back and forth between identifying and releasing blocks, and the reflection, understanding and integration of what has occured. Sessions often close with a take-home exercise individually designed to help the client internalize the discovery process.

What if I live too far away to come to your office?

I work with clients who live outside of the Los Angeles area or who cannot leave their homes due an acute or chronic condition. For distance sessions, clients require a quiet space that they will be undisturbed for one hour. The sessions entail guided energy work, counseling, and breathing, mindfulness and body focused exercises. In this way I provide the needed healing. I am in ongoing verbal contact with my client during the session so that the client remains an active participant in the healing process.

How long is the Therapy-Healing process?

The pace of the work is set by the material that the client brings into each session, and the client's own readiness to address the issues that led him or her to seek treatment. Most clients begin with weekly sessions, while others come multiple times per week. As the intensity of the symptoms and issues lessen, the frequency of sessions can decrease.

Can I still benefit from Intuitive Energy Healing if I am already in my own therapy?

The healing work is an important complement to traditional psychotherapy. Energy healing will enhance and deepen the psychotherapy work that is already in process. With permission from the client, I work collaboratively with outside therapists in a treatment team approach.

How should I prepare for my session?

Clients should wear relaxed clothing that allows for comfort and movement. It is also recommended that clients refrain from drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to session.

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