Body T'Shuva

A Process of Deep Body Listening and Body Dialogue TM
Going beyond traditional psychotherapy invites a deeper healing to occur. Body T'Shuva is an integration of psychotherapy, intuitive healing, and deep body listening & body dialogue. Through this approach you give your body a voice as well as your mind. Healing comes from this vital partnership. This unique work addresses both emotional and physical challenges. It is particularly effective for trauma, anxiety, depression, issues related to grief and loss, insomnia, struggles with relationships, cancer support, chronic pain, and infertility. Body T'Shuva is the process of coming back into alignment with ourselves. Through this safely guided process, we can repair the emotional wear and tear deep inside our bodies. Carefully, we re-form a healthy connection with each body part and each voice within by brining special attention to the parts of us which need it the most.
The intention of this work is to recognize how our bodies communicate with us. We do this in order to access our unacknowledged emotions so we do not live with invisible burdens. How can we learn to listen to our bodies? The idea of listening to our body is frequently expressed on a physical level. When recovering from an illness we often hear, "Engage in activity as tolerated. Listen to your body." Listening in this sense means monitoring. Yet, pain is an opportunity and an invitation from our body to hear a deeper story. Give your body a voice. Hear what it has to teach, feel what it is holding, and discover the buried texts of your life experience. Hidden beneath the aches and pains, beneath the stories and feelings, is the place where we connect to our essence. This is a clearer, freer, and more joyful self that can emerge and be revealed. It is from this place that we can choose to live our life.

Benefits of Body T'Shuva
When we share our pain with family, friends, or community, our pain diminishes and we feel less alone. This is also true for our physical body. Holding and storing difficult or traumatic life experiences cause our bodies to feel disconnected and forgotten. Through the process of Body T'Shuva we bring to ourselves heartfelt attention, acknowledgment, and gratitude. From this we can receive a deeper healing that relieves feelings of isolation and alienation and revives feelings of connection and aliveness.
How Does Body T'Shuva work?

Techniques such as breath work, movement, and energy healing, may be used to help unlock stuck energy. Dislodging charged energy can result in a flood of emotions and tears which brings much needed release. Breathing through them allows the emotions to move and helps create an avenue for feelings to exit. Discussion and reflection on the process is a vital part of a healthy emotional release and restoring balance. For this experience it is very important to be in an emotionally safe space with someone guiding you and providing the necessary containment. It is through the clearing and cleansing of your body's burdens that opportunity opens for further health and healing.
With the support of your healer you address the part of your body that most needs your attention. You will learn to listen and recognize the ways in which your body has been caring and holding for you. Your job is to listen and feel. Due to uncomfortable emotions your focus may break. Your healer will help you to reconnect back to your body. You may be surprised by the memories and emotions that surface. Acknowledge and express gratitude for how strong your body has been to carry these burdens.

It is time to lighten this load and live a more productive, more joyful, and more pain-free life. Your body is waiting for you.

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