Women's Trauma Support Group

The Women's Trauma Support Group

The Women’s Trauma Support Group is open to women who have experienced trauma at some point in their lives. Trauma is an emotional response to a physically or emotionally painful or distressing event which overwhelms our capacity or adapt or cope. Although each person’s life story may differ, participants share a common need to connect with themselves and others.

The group approach is non-judgmental, meaning that each person is met with openness, curiosity, empathy, and sincere interest. Participants are able to provide and receive deep understanding and encouragement for growth and healing.

Some of the benefits that participants experience are: feeling less alone, creating new friendships, learning new ways to cope with life’s challenges, managing big feelings, feeling more grounded and in control, learning how to listen to our bodies in order to hear our deeper stories, feeling hope, and sharing in community.

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