Advanced Energy Healing Trainings

By the second year of the Energy Healing Training, students have addressed the foundational skills in order to learn more complex healing techniques. As in the first year training, each workshop consists of teaching the concept, demonstration of the techniques, and supervised participant practice. The following list is some of the workshop topics taught in the second, third, and fourth year-curriculum. These topics are not listed in the order that they will be taught because we continue to revise and tailor the teachings as appropriate to the pace and learning needs of each year's cohort.

Cleansing and Calming the Nervous System-Three techniques

Energetic Style - 'Korean Spa Body Scrub'

Adrenal Melt

Brain Balancing

Brain Cleansing

The Pass Through

Bloodline Healing

Distance Healing

Connecting to our Fire

Drawing Out Heat and Safe Trauma Release

Organ Needs

Deep Body Listening and Body Dialogue

The 7 Layers of the Auric Field

Repairing on the 5th Level of the Auric Field

Restructuring the Body on the 5th Level of the Auric Field

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energy

Full and in Depth Body Scan

Assessing and Addressing the Quality, Quantity, and Distribution of Energy

Hara Line Daily Alignment

Hara Line Repair

Repairing a Deeply Fractured Hara Line

Power Current Cleanse

Connecting to Our Highest Guides

Blood Clearing and Ancestral Blood Transfusion

Body Repair on the Cellular Level

Body Repair on the Jet Stream Level

Body Repair at the Matrix Level

Multi-Level Body Repair: Organ Rejuvenation

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